5 Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block

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5 Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block

Writer’s block, the bane of every content creator’s life. That might be a bit on the dramatic side, but it can be incredibly frustrating, especially when it’s your job to come up with fresh and creative ideas.

This happens to even the most experienced content creators, and the difference between success and failure is knowing how to work through slow periods. We have complied a list of tips and tricks to help tackle this, which saves you time and hopefully gives some inspiration to get over the hurdle that is writer’s block.

Look Back at Old Content and See What Can Be Improved

One of the easiest ways to find ideas for new content, is looking back over your old, published content and try get inspiration from that. Some posts that were uploaded a few months ago might be outdated, or there have been updates on the topic. This is a great chance for you to re-write the blog from a whole new perspective and shows your readers that you’re always keeping up with recent trends. There are a lo of benefits in doing this, Google will rank your website and/or blog post higher in an SEO search if it can see you have amended or updated keyword searches. Another benefit of doing this is looking at any articles that under-preformed and why, this way you can assess what needs improving and post an updated article that will drive more traffic.


Check Out Your Competitors Work and Put Your Unique Spin on It

Checking out your blogging competitors is a great way to spark some inspiration for your own content and overcome writers block at the same time. However, simply copying someone else’s ideas, isn’t going to cut it. You need to put your own unique spin and point of view on it, they could have written an excellent blog on a very interesting topic, but you need to see what can be improved on and how you can make it better. However, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, especially when it comes to writing blog content.



A Change of Scenery

Like eliminating all distractions, having a change of scenery can most definitely help with overcoming writer’s block. If you’ve been cooped up in the office all day, if the building you work in has the facilities, work from a different space. If not, take a quick 5-minute walk around the building or step outside for some fresh air. Never underestimate what clearing your head and getting away from your desk for 5 minutes can do for you! Likewise, if you are working from home, maybe work from a different room than you usually would or make yourself a cup of tea and sit in the garden for 10 minutes or have a quick walk up and down your street to get some air and clear your head.


Answer Frequently Asked Questions

It goes without saying that good blog posts provide information and value to its readers. Compile a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) within your industry and answer them. Producing content that solves a problem or answers a question commonly faced by your audience is a smart move from a strategy standpoint. If your website has a FAQ section, it is more than likely going to be filled with short concise answers. Doing a FAQ in a blog form gives you the platform to answer these questions in much more depth and gives you the opportunity to showcase your expert knowledge within your industry. And a side benefit of doing this to conquer writer’s block is that your FAQ page will gain a few more internal links, which will in turn help from an SEO perspective.

Eliminate All Distractions

This might seem like an obvious one, but it can really make a difference. With a lot of people still working from home, finding a quite spot in your home can sometimes prove a difficult task. But even if you do have a dedicated workspace there can be several things distracting you and holding you back from being creative and productive. Firstly, you need to identify what your distractions are, it could be the TV, music playing, someone else on the phone, or looking at your own phone too often. Once you have done this, you need to remove them from your environment. If you have a bad case of writers block these things will only make matters worse. So, find ways that get you into a creative flow, turn the TV off that you put on for background noise, put your phone in a different room and hopefully this will help get over the writer’s block.


We hope this can help fellow bloggers overcome the pesky writer’s block. It can be easy to get into your own head too much and you nearly feel like you’re holding yourself back. But hopefully with these 5 tips you can get back into the creative flow!

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4 Marketing Myths We Need to Debunk

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4 Marketing Myths We Need to Debunk

There is a sea of misinformation out there and it can be hard to navigate through. A mistake a lot of people make is listening to throw away statements that have solidified themselves as marketing myths and taking them as gospel. This blog will be discussing common marketing myths and how we can solve them.

If I use social media to market my business, I won’t need a website

Marketing and advertising on social media are an excellent way to build brand awareness. Nearly every business has a presence on social media so its an important part of a marketing strategy, but it shouldn’t be the only factor. If you only market on social media, you have nowhere else to direct your followers and customers.

Marketing online should be an interactive experience for your followers, if they are interested in your business or in the products and services you offer, they might wish to find out more information. If you don’t have a website, they might lose interest if they must scroll through social media to find out more information.

Another downside of solely relying on social media is leaving your content as the mercy of algorithms. Facebook and Instagram have both updated their algorithms, making it that bit harder for content to stand out in an already saturated market. Check out or blog on how to beat the Instagram algorithm here.

How to solve this myth: Build a digital presence! Social media is an excellent tool when it comes to marketing online but having a website will help build your online presence. Creating attention grabbing blogs and having fantastic content will help generate more leads, not only that but it will boost your SEO score, ranking your business higher on Google search results.


Good marketing will get results right away

Online marketing is more likely to generate quicker results than traditional means of marketing, this doesn’t mean a campaign will be a success straight away. Everyone is chasing instant gratification nowadays; society is moving at such a fast pace that people expect results in an instant.

With everyone chasing that viral hit, its no wonder people expect results instantly. And more often than enough, if people don’t get the results they want right away, they become frustrated and disheartened and want to throw the towel in.

Analytical tools are a great way to monitor success and the only thing we can see in an instant is the engagement content receives. It could be the number of clicks on an ad, the number of visitors to your website, an increased number of followers or the amount of likes a post gets, these are all short-term successes. To fully see the benefits or to measure the success of a marketing campaign takes time.

How to solve this myth: good things come to those who wait. When implementing a marketing strategy, you cannot expect success over night, most marketing methods take some time to see any results. It could take a few months for social media channels or a website to gain any traction, especially if you have just implemented a new campaign, went through a brand relaunch or a website redesign. So, the key to solving this issue, is having patience. If you are confident you have put an excellent campaign out there, sit back and let it work it’s magic.

Marketing is a waste of money

Marketing is only a waste of money if you don’t take the time to create a solid marketing and budgeting strategy. In the current climate it is understandable that businesses might not want to spend the money on marketing, but in the long run it is worth the investment. Saving money in the short-term is likely to cost your business in the long-term.

Whether as a business you pay for the marketing software yourself or hire an outside firm to do it, its important to monitor what is doing well and put the money behind that. It would be counterproductive to throw money into everything, if your followers don’t interact or engage with a certain type of content, why pay money to promote it?

How to solve this myth: once you have dedicated time to planning and monitoring your social channels you can assess what type of content is doing well. Allocate more of the budget to this and reduce spending money on the rest.

The website I built myself is just as effective as one built by a professional

If the recent lockdowns have taught us anything, its that we can all become hairdressers, handy-men, or dog groomers after watching a few YouTube videos. So, if you can learn to build your own website, why wouldn’t you? Just because it is possible to do, with extensive YouTube videos and simple, free web building software online, doesn’t mean it’s the best option for your business.

The website you have created might look good at a first glance, but it could lack information that your customers need, it might not be device friendly or have an unpleasant user experience. Without having expert knowledge in how to optimise your websites SEO rating, customers might fail to land on the website altogether.

How to solve this myth: invest in your business- as mentioned before trying to cut back on spending can hurt your business in the long run. Its better focusing your time on running the business as building a website can be a very time-consuming exercise. Prioritize your budget for professional web services; your return on investment will far exceed the cost.


To Conclude

As you build your brand as a company, be sure to keep these debunked marketing myths in mind. There is no harm in reaching out for help when it comes to marketing your business. You would rather do it right the first time around, than trying to do it solo and then needing to get help. If there are any queries that you might have for your business, contact us at marketingsupport@questmediagroup.co.uk

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How To Plan Seasonal Content

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How To Plan Seasonal Content

Following up from one of our recent posts, we thought it would be helpful to provide a more in-depth guide of how to prepare your social media strategy around the recent festivities. The various different seasonal occasions this time of year can sometimes mean an oversaturation of posts across social media, therefore, its important to have an outstanding social media campaign that will help you stand out from the crowd!

With Halloween having been and gone and Black Friday just around the corner it has never been more important to be organised and stay ahead of the game.

Start ahead of the game and continue after the holidays

It can sometimes take a few weeks for a social media campaign to gain traction, therefore, it’s a good idea to start your festive posting early. Starting a campaign early with teasers into what till be coming up or what will be on offer will build a sense of excitement and exclusivity among your followers and customers. Luckily this time of year has a lot of events that you can plan around. Halloween, which as just passed, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and then of course Christmas. It doesn’t have to stop there though. You can continue your campaign into the New Year, you could include special offers to help beat the January Blues or host an exclusive New Years Eve giveaway. This time of year is the obvious thought when you first think of seasonal content planning, but if you’re organised enough and can afford to do so, you can have a different offer each month. This is a great way to discretely implement a lead generation campaign.

January – Offers to help beat January Blues or a New Year’s Eve Giveaway

February- Valentines Offer

March – St Patricks Day, Mother’s Day

April – April Fools Campaign – Great way to boost engagement and brand awareness with a funny campaign

May – May Day, Cinco de Mayo

June – Father’s Day, First Day of Summer

July- World Chocolate Day (7th July) something I can get behind to celebrate!

August – 8th August, International Cat Day, 24th August International Dog Day (to keep it fair) and the August Bank Holiday

September- Back to School, Autumn Begins (21st September)

October – Halloween

November – Black Friday and Cyber Monday

December – Christmas

Keeping up with recent trends and events are excellent ways to boost your engagement and increase brand awareness. These in turn, will help create more business and attract new customers. It’s important to note that a good social media campaign just isn’t for Christmas, but for life!


Plan, Plan, Plan!

With October to December being the busiest time of year for a lot of businesses, it is of the upmost importance to plan and organise your content. It can easily be overlooked in the hustle and bustle of the festivities, but if you take a few hours to plan your content for the month ahead you will be thanking yourself later. Taking this time out to plan your content for the next few weeks can really help free up your time and allow you to focus on your business. Or let us handle this for you! Check out our social media management here to see if we can help you with your business! Planning your content means avoiding having a lot of unconnected, random pieces of content across your social media channels. This will only confuse your followers if you aren’t portraying a clear and concise message. Posting random content and on an inconsistent schedule will reduce your level of credibility and reliability. If you avoid this and have a cohesive and well thought out content plan, then you will find customers and followers are visiting your social media pages or website more often.



Promotional Offers

The holidays are the time for giving! And we don’t just mean at Christmas time. Black Friday is also a great time to offer discounts and host giveaways. A lot of retailers and businesses offer discounts on Black Friday, it’s a great way to expand your client contact list and gain new followers. It would get people interested in your business’s products and services. Discount codes and other offers, not only affect your overall sales, but also help create the buzz around brand in the long term. Again, mentioning creating an exclusive feel to your campaign that customers will not want to miss out on, offer the discounts to everyone on your mailing list or to all new customers that sign up. It is creating a sense of FOMO, meaning ne customers will be filling your inbox with enquiries.


Add a more human side to your business

It is a great time of year to showcase the people behind your business and your customers. If you haven’t already done a ‘Meet the Team’ segment across your social channels, this would be a great time to do this. Or, have a Q&A with your staff about what their favourite things about the holidays are. These types of posts blend well at this time of year with the seasons festivities and help your audience connect with your brand. At the end of the day people want to buy from people, so showing a friendly face or two across your social media channels can only help your brand!

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Rise & Fall of Social Media Platforms

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Rise & Fall of Social Media Platforms

Living in a throw away society means that every sector needs to remain current and keep up with recent trends. Nearly everything nowadays has been designed to be discarded; cameras, clothes, mobile phones, cancel culture or even cars, to name a few. There is no exception when it comes to social media, social media trends can last anything from a week to a few months, or you could just have a viral one-hit-wonder.

Some social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, have stood to last the test of time and are all still very popular. With the rise of TikTok over the last 18 months and Yik Yak announcing that they’re making a come-back – it really opens the topic up for discussion.

As mentioned in the previous blog, TikTok has taken the social media scene by storm. It has seen countless brands and business implement it in their social media strategies. And for the most part it seems to be paying off. But how long will TikTok’s reign last? Could it be a flash in the pan, or will it remain to become a social media OG like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter?

Fallen heroes – Yik Yak

More recently, Yik Yak who first came on the scene in 2013, but shut down in 2017 have announced that they are relaunching the app.

It was especially popular amongst university campuses, as it allowed users to post anonymously to local boards that only users within a 5–10-mile radius could view. It had a very short-lived success; it was shut down to increasing cyber bullying and harassment.

Its relaunch has promise better community guidelines and better monitored, which I doubt people will hold up much hope for. When Yik Yak was in its prime I actively avoided going to the McClay library, users were savage and didn’t hold back when posting!

Bebo & Myspace

At its height Bebo had 40 million active monthly users, it was the most popular social networking site from 2005- 2009 amongst young teenagers. The declared bankruptcy in 2013, although the site wasn’t used much before this. It had to declare bankruptcy as the owners failed to make any money from it.

This seems to be a common theme amongst failed social media platforms.

With regards to Myspace, bad management, and the launch of Facebook lead to its demise. Myspace technically does exist; it still has a website but there is no data suggesting there are any active users. It can be seen as the founding father of social networking sites, it reigned supreme as the most popular social networking site from 2005- 2008, with over 1000 million active monthly users.


Vine is another honourable mention of a social media platform that had its five minutes in the spotlight. In its prime it had 200 million active monthly users. It is quite like what we have in TikTok today, with many old Vine clips circulating on TikTok. Vine was shut down because it failed to support its content creators, unlike TikTok who have a creator fund for popular TikTokers. There were numerous other factors, such as lack on monetisation and advertising options.

Rise of Facebook

Although created in 2004, Facebook didn’t really become popular until 2008, when it surpassed Myspace as the most-visited social media site. It is still the most used social networking site today.

Even with the rise of Instagram and TikTok, it remains the most popular social media platform, with a staggering 2.6 billion monthly users. Facebook is a social media giant, and despite controversy surrounding its founder Mark Zuckerberg in 2018, remains on top. It sure helps that they own Instagram because they are really just competing with themselves.

Over the years, there has no doubt been a fair share of popular social media platforms, some of which haven’t stood the test of time. But social networking giant Facebook has managed to see it through. Any new emerging social media sites should take a page from Mark Zuckerberg’s playbook, because whatever he is doing, is working.

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How the Covid-19 Pandemic Has Changed the Way We Work

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How the Covid-19 Pandemic Has Changed the Way We Work

The pandemic has changed the way we do almost everything. It even had us washing our groceries at one point! But it really changed the way how businesses work, these were such unprecedented times, and everybody was on the same boat – we all had to figure it out as we went along.

The pandemic has revolutionised workplace culture, businesses realised that they don’t need to be in the office 9-5 Monday to Friday to be productive. Any studies carried out have seen employees be just as productive if not, more productive when working from home.

And working from home also had its benefits for employees, I mean, who didn’t love getting up 10 minutes before they started work, staying in their pj’s until lunch time and not spending any money on petrol?

With the whole population only allowed to leave their home for essentials, all retail shops shut, offices like ghost towns, people were spending more time online than ever before.

Companies weren’t long in catching onto this and made the move to purely digital. It gave companies who were toying with the idea of switching to digital that push to finally do it. It really was a matter of go digital or go bust for a lot of businesses.


Making the Move to Digital

Whatever your business, there is a way to market it digitally. This pandemic has seen business from all sectors get creative in how to move to digital.

We have seen restaurants posting tutorials on how to make items on their menu and supply ‘at home kits’ for customers to purchase off their website. Clothing shops have taken to Instagram to sell their products, a lot of small businesses have had huge success in doing this. Even companies like ourselves made the decision to provide purely digital services.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that people now have shorter attention spans than ever. Websites need to be user & device friendly and easily navigated, otherwise, people aren’t going to want to spend time on your website. Its good getting users onto your site, but you need to keep them there. If you’re company is mainly using social media, its important to keep content fresh and up to date to keep followers engaged.

Going digital means constantly being able to engage with and reach your customers, monitor interest in your business and gives you more time to focus on the business itself.

Not Every Business Took The Plunge Into Digital

However, there were some businesses that stuck their ground when it came to going digital. Primark, like all other retailers were closed during the lockdowns. And despite pleas from customers asking Primark to have an online shop, they remain an in-store only retailer.

The pandemic has seen other online retailers sales soar through the roof. I can safely say, my sister and I contributed massively to this, with at least two parcels coming to our house daily. Shout out to Chris the DPD man who always had everything there on time!

But Primark have stuck to their brand ethos which is, ‘to provide customers with high quality, fashion basics at value for money prices.’ Going digital would mean they would have to increase their prices to account for setting up a website, warehouse and distribution etc.

It just goes to show that not all business has to adapt to the digital era. But when you’re a retailing giant like Primark, it’s easier said than done.

To Conclude

With everything returning to somewhat normality and a lot of sectors reopening, companies that have went digital have been working through the whole pandemic. A lot of which was probably on the job learning and adapting to a new way of life.

Going digital seems the way forward, within the ever changing and fast paced society we live in. it is imperative for companies to keep up with recent market trends to keep their business in the loop and not forgotten about.

Establishing a strong online presence will assist in doing this. This is something we at Quest can help you with. Contact us at marketingsupport@questmediagroup.co.uk if you plan to make the move to digital.

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5 things to Keep in Mind When Rebranding Your Business

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5 things to Keep in Mind When Rebranding Your Business

Rebranding your business can bring a new lease of life to your website, social media channels and attract new customers and followers, it can be very beneficial. It is more than just changing your brands logo, its about creating a whole new brand image. However, this doesn’t mean changing what you do as a business or changing your business ethos. That all stays the same, you are just changing how you convey the message.

Have you made the move to digital? Updated services you offer? Just feel like its time for a change? The factors we will discuss should help guide you through your business rebranding.

First determine what kind of rebrand your business needs.

  • Full rebrand
  • Visual rebrand
  • Brand refresh


Full rebrand- Nike is the most popular example of this. Nike is synonymous with their swoosh, but before the swoosh was introduced in 1971 Nike was known as Blue Ribbon Sports Inc. A full rebrand consists of changing the entire identity of your brand, from the name to the logo to what you want your brand message to say.

Visual Rebrand- A visual rebrand consists of changing your business logo, website, colour palette and visual identity. If you are just looking to give your brand a new lease of life a visual rebrand is the way to go. A good example of this is FedEx, they shortened their name for the logo and changed the colour palette.

Brand refresh- a brand refresh consists of keeping your businesses core aspects the same but slightly changing the branding or logo. It’s a simple way of keeping your brand fresh, without changing it too much. Burger kind is a good example of this, they recently changed their logo, which is very similar to their logo back in the 90’s.

Establish your target audience

Maybe you decided to rebrand because you have changed your business completely and need to establish a brand-new audience. You could have the same business and just opted for a brand refresh or a visual rebrand, so your target audience will stay the same. Or you could have the same brand, but have added products or services to your business, so you need to reach out to a different demographic. For example, you could own a dog sitting service and are now reaching out to cat owners – same business idea, two completely demographics.

Your audience might also depend on what social media channels you use. If you decide to use TikTok, the content you are posting there will not be the same as the content you will be posting on LinkedIn.

Engage with your audience

Once you have launched your rebrand, now is an especially important time to engage with your customers and followers. Reply to comments, DMs, and emails to make your followers feel valued and involved in the rebrand. It is a good way to gauge how they are receiving it and to measure if it has been a success. Even though you have launched the rebrand, it is still a crucial time to keep them up to date. A good way of doing this is posting answers to FAQ’s and client testimonials.

Establish who you are

What is your brand image? What do you want your message to convey? A rebrand can be much more that simply changing your logo. It can be about deepening your business ethos and message.

Give an insight into products and services you offer. If you have decided to start your social media accounts from scratch again, now is a good time to establish who you are as a brand, what you do and what you have to offer. Have you updated your slogan? Values? Make sure to let your followers and customers know.

Announce your rebranding

Let your followers and customers know about the rebranding! They might think that you’ve gone out of business if one day they see you have wiped all your socials. Keep them in the loop. Announce that you are currently rebranding, you don’t have to set a specific date for when the new website will launch or when a new product comes onto the market. Some things can never run as smoothly as we’d like or plan, so it’s a good way of keeping your followers and customers on their toes if you just leave it as ‘coming soon’. It’s a good way of driving traffic to your social channels if you have instructed them to keep an eye for any updates for social media relaunch, or website launch.

Another good practice when announcing a rebranding or a relaunching, is to have a sale, promotional offers or run a competition. This is a great way to build brand awareness, boost engagement and attract new customers, which is a great thing to do, especially when rebranding.


To Conclude

When rebranding your business, you need to be doing it for the right reasons, because as the saying goes ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’. Rebranding a business can be a cost-worthy exercise and for it to be worthwhile it needs to be a success.

If you have any queries or are thinking about rebranding your business, get in touch with us today! Contact us at marketingsupport@questmediagroup.co.uk

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How email marketing can benefit your business

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How email marketing can benefit your business

Email marketing can be a very useful tool for reaching out and communicating with your target audience. Mailchimp defines it as, ‘a powerful marketing channel, a form of direct marketing as well as digital marketing, that uses email to promote your business’s products and services.’

It is a great means for keeping customers informed of any updates within your business, if there are any promotional offers running or if you want them to check out a latest blog post etc.

The Benefits

It is a great way to target your customers and target a large audience all at once. You are guaranteed that the message you’re putting out there will reach who you want it to reach. Unlike posting on social media, it runs the risk of not getting the reach or engagement from the desired group you want to post out to.

You are sending relevant content to people who have expressed interest in your business. They have bought into the company enough to give you their personal details. Email marketing is a convenient way of being able to reach your target audience at any time, and they can read or engage with the email at their own leisure.

It is a great way of generating traffic to your website or social media channels. It is always beneficial to have a Call to Action (CTA) on all emails as it increases engagement and web traffic numbers.

It is very easily monitored. There is various email marketing software you can use, it can give you an insight into the click rate, whether that be opening the emails or people responding to the CTA. It can also give insight into emails that aren’t being opened, so it’s a good way of knowing what type of content your subscribers like to see.

To Conclude

When it comes to email marketing, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. If done correctly it can be a huge success and really benefit your business. It’s a great way to build brand awareness by creating engaging and relevant content that your customers will look forward to receiving.

It’s important to investigate your data and see what your customers are engaging with and enjoying. This way you are not wasting any time in creating content that your customers are not going to engage with.



The Downsides

As with anything nowadays, there is always going to be a disadvantageous side of things. When thinking about using a new marketing platform to reach your customers, it is important to explore the advantages and disadvantages before you jump in at the deep end.

When I think of my personal email inbox, there are literally thousands of unopened emails that I have no intention of ever getting around to. So, you run the risk of your audiences’ emails being in a similar situation.

They could be receiving so many commercial emails already that yours might get marked as spam or it might just get lost within their inboxes.

A good tip though is to watch your copy! Avoid using words or phrases, such as ‘opt in’, ‘click below’ etc to stay clear of the spam folder.

You also run the risk of customers unsubscribing altogether too if you bombard them with emails. You want to send just enough to keep them interested, but not too much that you are going to oversaturate their inbox.

Another good tip to avoid this is to have a double ‘opt in’ system. Where you ask customers to confirm if they want to opt in. That way, you know for certain everyone you are sending emails to, are interested in what you’re sending.

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How to beat the Instagram Algorithm

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How to beat the Instagram Algorithm

Whether you use Instagram for business or personal use, it goes without saying that it can be frustrating when you don’t get as much engagement on your posts. It can be anything from not getting as many likes, less story views, losing followers, the list can go on.

First things first

We can help point you in the right direction so your account can get the recognition it deserves! There is a science behind the Instagram Algorithm, but don’t let this intimidate you, like anything once you understand it, its easily worked around.

How the Algorithm works is that it brings up what it thinks is the most relevant content for the user. It will bring up pages and people that have similar interests, liked & shared posts and that have a similar following to the user. These pages will appear at the top of the home grid and the explore grid.

How do I get my followers to notice me?

To get your followers to start noticing you, you need to start thinking like them. Don’t worry, this isn’t a ‘How To’ guide on how to be like Joe Goldberg from ‘You’. Which, if you haven’t seen I highly recommend getting caught up before season 3 comes out!

Anyway, back to my point. Are you always noticing the same few pages at the top of your feed or stories? That is because Instagram thinks they are the most relevant for you. To get your profile to the top of your followers’ home page it would be worthwhile following similar accounts to them, but ones that are still relevant to your business. So, I’m not suggesting that if they follow all the Kardashians that you do the same.

It would also be beneficial to engage and interact with your followers. This would include liking & commenting on posts, replying or reacting to a story, replying to direct messages and comments on your own posts or if someone mentions you in a story or post be sure to share it to your own profile.

Instagram is all about building a community with your followers and making them feel like a welcomed part of that, this will make Instagram want to put your profile to the top of your followers’ pages.

How do I know when to post?

Switching your Instagram profile to a business account is a good way in monitoring your follower’s activity. This can simply be done in the settings.

Profile > Settings > Account > Switch to Professional account.

It also goes without saying that you should make your account public, as you can’t access the business setting on a private account.

Having your account set as a business profile allows you to see how your followers are interacting and engaging with your content. But more importantly, when. The business account allows you to see what time of the day your followers are most active, giving you a good indication of when is a good time to post.

It can without a doubt be very daunting when you don’t know where to start, but hopefully this ‘How To’ guide has given you the assistance needed in beating the infamous Instagram Algorithm. But if there are any other social media faux pas you need help with feel free to contact us at marketingsupport@questmediagroup.co.uk


How often should I post?

It is super important to keep your social media channels up to date. This will make sure that you get noticed by your followers. I would recommend posting to your grid 2-3 times per week and post in your stories daily if you can, if not then 4-5 days a week should suffice.

There is a fine line in keeping your follower’s attention and over-saturating their news feed. You want to post often enough to keep them interested in your content, but not too much that they feel bombarded.

It is also important that you keep your content authentic and genuine, Instagram doesn’t like when accounts post 100% advertisements or promotional content, they will bump you to the back of the queue if you’re seen to be doing this. Therefore, I would recommend that you keep your content to 80% informational and 20% promotional. Because, at the end of the day if you don’t like ads being thrown in your face every time you log onto Instagram, there is a big chance your followers don’t either.

Make your account easily accessible

Another way to get Instagram to notice your account is to have as much information available as possible on your profile. Your bio should include a link to your website (if you have one), a link with directions to your business. You should also have the ‘call’ option on your profile, that way if anyone wants to contact you it saves them the hassle of having to Google search for your number. You want all the information readily available for the user’s convenience.

Having an easily recognisable username will also be a huge help in standing out. It should be your business name so users can find your account with ease. Another helpful tip is having your brands logo as your profile picture, this will create a cohesive brand image across all your socials.

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Marketing Fails – A Definitive Guide on What NOT To Do

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Marketing Fails – A Definitive Guide on What NOT To Do

We’re only human, which means mistake are bound to happen. And when they do it is important to quickly re-evaluate the situation, admit fault where applicable and try move on from it.

Looking at other businesses and companies to see what their marketing strategies are is a great way to see what you can implement for your business. It is also a good way of learning what not to do.
This guide will showcase some big brand blunders of how a marketing campaign can go wildly wrong and a list of things of what not to do when carrying out a marketing campaign.

Brands that got it very wrong

Back in 2017, Pepsi had an advertisement that featured Kendal Jenner somehow ending police brutality with a can of Pepsi. I’ll take a minute just to let you read that sentence again. The ad saw protesters, at what looked like a Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and the climatic scene of the ad saw Kendal, a white supermodel emerging from the crowd and hand a police officer a can of Pepsi, ending the protest. Even explaining this now, the ad sounds ridiculous, how no one at Pepsi didn’t think the same is beyond me. Following great backlash and criticism across social media, Pepsi released a statement saying:

“Pepsi was trying to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding. Clearly, we missed the mark and apologize,”

BLM activists at the time took to social media to express their disappointment in the ad, they described the ad as the exact opposite of their real-world experiences.
This is a great example of how not carrying out enough market research can ruin your campaign and damage your image. Not only of your companies’ image, but of any influencers you have involved too.

Burger King

Burger King usually have very good marketing campaigns, but this example goes to show that no matter how big of a brand you are, you can always slip up and make a mistake.

Burger King had intended to start a campaign to try increase the number of woman chefs and head chefs. As in their statement they mentioned that only 7% of head chefs in America were woman. But as part of a wider twitter thread, they tweeted ‘women belong in the kitchen.’ And to really add insult to injury, it was on International Woman’s Day.

Social media users slammed Burger King as being ‘tone-deaf’ for tweeting something like this. They most definitely should have included more of the message in the tweet. They still continued with the campaign but issued an apology for the tweet and then tried to swiftly move on from this.

“We hear you. We got our initial tweet wrong and we’re sorry”


Not doing case studies- Show off your work! If you have done work recently for a client, or even for your own company and are proud of it, make sure to make a show case of it. It is an excellent way to make current customers feel valued and a great way to attract new customers by showing off what you are capable of. Creating case studies and client testimonials are a great way to showcase some of your successes!

Not keeping an eye on numbers- monitoring your insights is an invaluable way of knowing what your customers and followers like to see. Not doing this and just posting whatever will be counterproductive for your business. Seeing what posts your followers are engaging with most gives you an idea or what to post more of. There is no point posting content your followers aren’t going to enjoy or interact with.

Fyre Festival

The infamous festival that never was. I was only first made aware of this when the documentary aired on Netflix, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.

2017 wasn’t a good year for marketers. Fyre Festival was organised by Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule, and it was just one fail after another. It was advertised as a luxury music festival on an island in the Bahamas, which was promoted by numerous fashion influencers on Instagram, such as Bella Hadid, Kendal Jenner (not a great year for her too) and Emily Ratajkowski.

The event organisers promised the festival goers, first class flights, luxury accommodation and top-class catering. Instead, they were met with small air buses, half pitched tents, and a cheese sandwich. Customers ended up stranded on the island, event organised fled and stopped responding on social media. Which lead to the party goers live tweeting the unfolding events

If there was ever a case study of what not to do, the Fyre Festival is the perfect example of this.



Now from us

Now that we have explored where the big brands have gone wrong. We can provide a list of things of what not to do when it comes to implementing a marketing strategy for your business. They might all seem like a given, but sometimes it takes an outside perspective to point out where you could be going wrong.

Staying in your comfort zone – this is a big one. If you never push yourself to try new things for your brand, it will be hard to monitor any progression. Yes, it is important to keep doing what works for your business, but if you never look for ways to improve your marketing strategy or try fresh, new ideas, you run the risk of being stuck in a plateau.

Staying off video- video media is huge right now! With TikTok being so popular and Instagram Reels feature hitting the ground running, using video as a method of content is super popular. They rack in lots of engagement, which can help boost brand awareness. Don’t let the thought of it scare you, videos or reels can easily be made on your phone. Even start off with simple ideas like sharing tips and tricks, ‘a day in the life of’ videos are very popular recently too. There is a strong consumer preference for videos as a form of creating content and as a way of receiving information.


So, there we have it, a definitive guide on what not to do when it comes to creating a marketing campaign. If you ever do make a mistake, don’t feel disheartened, some of the biggest brands out there have too! But if there is anything we can help with, contact us at marketingsupport@questmediagroup.co.uk

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Is TikTok Beneficial For Your Business?

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Is TikTok Beneficial For Your Business?

Within the last year TikTok has exploded on to the global scene. In 2019, it was just ‘that video app’ my younger sister used. Fast forward to today, I’m hooked and so are most of the population. TikTok define themselves as, ‘an entertainment-based platform, offering users and brands the tools to tell their stories.’

Synonymous with the first Lockdown, TikTok had 310 million downloads in the first quarter of 2020, and it is still going strong with 689 million monthly users. With numbers like this, there is no wonder businesses are using TikTok as platform within their social media strategies.

Noteworthy points

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to using TikTok for business purposes. It allows businesses to tap into a younger audience and reach different people they wouldn’t normally reach using other social media platforms. The highly accurate ‘For You’ (FYP) page algorithm makes it even easier to target your desired audience. No two FYP’s are the same, each home page is specifically tailored to its user.

It shows videos depending on what clips users like, comment and share on, how long they spend watching a video or how quickly they swipe away from it.

It allows brands to really engage with their audiences, it gives them a more humanising appeal. For example, Innocent Smoothies and Ryanair have really risen through the ranks and have become a talking point across the app. From participating in current trends and making meme’s they have hit TikTok marketing on the head.

It is a great platform to build brand awareness and brand image. It’s perfect to give your follower an insight into how your business is run and organised. ‘Behind the scenes’ clips are very popular. A great example of this is Brownie God, who started off making brownies at home and now has a factory and is shipping across England, Scotland and Wales.

TikTok is a fantastic platform for small businesses like this. She promotes her business through TikTok, but also has a website that you can order the brownies from.

If your business is selling handmade products, clothing, baked goods or art commissions etc, TikTok is the platform for you. Obviously TikTok will not be suitable for every business, if your goals are to increase sales of services or direct more traffic to your website, then other social media channels would be best suited.

The Downsides…

Getting views and likes can be a luck of the draw on TikTok, you take the risk of spending hours creating content to not get much engagement on the post. Unless your customers know you are on the app, they are more than likely not going to look you up. As compared to other social media channels, like Facebook or Instagram, they would be the go-to place to look someone up.

Like the rise and fall of previously once popular apps like, Vine, Tumblr and Yik Yak (which is apparently making a come-back), its hard to know for how long TikTok will remain popular for.

It would be disadvantageous for your business to invest a lot of time and effort into creating content for TikTok, only for it to fall flat, or for the hype to move on to the next app.

It depends on the nature of your business and what goals you are trying to achieve if you should decide to use TikTok or not.

It would be disadvantageous for your business to invest a lot of time and effort into creating content for TikTok, only for it to fall flat, or for the hype to move on to the next app.

It depends on the nature of your business and what goals you are trying to achieve if you should decide to use TikTok or not.


To Conclude

If you have the time and resources to create TikTok content for your business, then by all means, break a leg! It could be worth your while if your main aim is to increase brand awareness or depending on the message you want to send.

Although using TikTok have countless benefits for certain businesses, it might be better to focus your resources and efforts on other social media channels that are easier monitored and align more with your brand image.

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