4 Marketing Myths We Need to Debunk

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4 Marketing Myths We Need to Debunk

There is a sea of misinformation out there and it can be hard to navigate through. A mistake a lot of people make is listening to throw away statements that have solidified themselves as marketing myths and taking them as gospel. This blog will be discussing common marketing myths and how we can solve them.

If I use social media to market my business, I won’t need a website

Marketing and advertising on social media are an excellent way to build brand awareness. Nearly every business has a presence on social media so its an important part of a marketing strategy, but it shouldn’t be the only factor. If you only market on social media, you have nowhere else to direct your followers and customers.

Marketing online should be an interactive experience for your followers, if they are interested in your business or in the products and services you offer, they might wish to find out more information. If you don’t have a website, they might lose interest if they must scroll through social media to find out more information.

Another downside of solely relying on social media is leaving your content as the mercy of algorithms. Facebook and Instagram have both updated their algorithms, making it that bit harder for content to stand out in an already saturated market. Check out or blog on how to beat the Instagram algorithm here.

How to solve this myth: Build a digital presence! Social media is an excellent tool when it comes to marketing online but having a website will help build your online presence. Creating attention grabbing blogs and having fantastic content will help generate more leads, not only that but it will boost your SEO score, ranking your business higher on Google search results.


Good marketing will get results right away

Online marketing is more likely to generate quicker results than traditional means of marketing, this doesn’t mean a campaign will be a success straight away. Everyone is chasing instant gratification nowadays; society is moving at such a fast pace that people expect results in an instant.

With everyone chasing that viral hit, its no wonder people expect results instantly. And more often than enough, if people don’t get the results they want right away, they become frustrated and disheartened and want to throw the towel in.

Analytical tools are a great way to monitor success and the only thing we can see in an instant is the engagement content receives. It could be the number of clicks on an ad, the number of visitors to your website, an increased number of followers or the amount of likes a post gets, these are all short-term successes. To fully see the benefits or to measure the success of a marketing campaign takes time.

How to solve this myth: good things come to those who wait. When implementing a marketing strategy, you cannot expect success over night, most marketing methods take some time to see any results. It could take a few months for social media channels or a website to gain any traction, especially if you have just implemented a new campaign, went through a brand relaunch or a website redesign. So, the key to solving this issue, is having patience. If you are confident you have put an excellent campaign out there, sit back and let it work it’s magic.

Marketing is a waste of money

Marketing is only a waste of money if you don’t take the time to create a solid marketing and budgeting strategy. In the current climate it is understandable that businesses might not want to spend the money on marketing, but in the long run it is worth the investment. Saving money in the short-term is likely to cost your business in the long-term.

Whether as a business you pay for the marketing software yourself or hire an outside firm to do it, its important to monitor what is doing well and put the money behind that. It would be counterproductive to throw money into everything, if your followers don’t interact or engage with a certain type of content, why pay money to promote it?

How to solve this myth: once you have dedicated time to planning and monitoring your social channels you can assess what type of content is doing well. Allocate more of the budget to this and reduce spending money on the rest.

The website I built myself is just as effective as one built by a professional

If the recent lockdowns have taught us anything, its that we can all become hairdressers, handy-men, or dog groomers after watching a few YouTube videos. So, if you can learn to build your own website, why wouldn’t you? Just because it is possible to do, with extensive YouTube videos and simple, free web building software online, doesn’t mean it’s the best option for your business.

The website you have created might look good at a first glance, but it could lack information that your customers need, it might not be device friendly or have an unpleasant user experience. Without having expert knowledge in how to optimise your websites SEO rating, customers might fail to land on the website altogether.

How to solve this myth: invest in your business- as mentioned before trying to cut back on spending can hurt your business in the long run. Its better focusing your time on running the business as building a website can be a very time-consuming exercise. Prioritize your budget for professional web services; your return on investment will far exceed the cost.


To Conclude

As you build your brand as a company, be sure to keep these debunked marketing myths in mind. There is no harm in reaching out for help when it comes to marketing your business. You would rather do it right the first time around, than trying to do it solo and then needing to get help. If there are any queries that you might have for your business, contact us at marketingsupport@questmediagroup.co.uk

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