Rise & Fall of Social Media Platforms

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Rise & Fall of Social Media Platforms

Living in a throw away society means that every sector needs to remain current and keep up with recent trends. Nearly everything nowadays has been designed to be discarded; cameras, clothes, mobile phones, cancel culture or even cars, to name a few. There is no exception when it comes to social media, social media trends can last anything from a week to a few months, or you could just have a viral one-hit-wonder.

Some social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, have stood to last the test of time and are all still very popular. With the rise of TikTok over the last 18 months and Yik Yak announcing that they’re making a come-back – it really opens the topic up for discussion.

As mentioned in the previous blog, TikTok has taken the social media scene by storm. It has seen countless brands and business implement it in their social media strategies. And for the most part it seems to be paying off. But how long will TikTok’s reign last? Could it be a flash in the pan, or will it remain to become a social media OG like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter?

Fallen heroes – Yik Yak

More recently, Yik Yak who first came on the scene in 2013, but shut down in 2017 have announced that they are relaunching the app.

It was especially popular amongst university campuses, as it allowed users to post anonymously to local boards that only users within a 5–10-mile radius could view. It had a very short-lived success; it was shut down to increasing cyber bullying and harassment.

Its relaunch has promise better community guidelines and better monitored, which I doubt people will hold up much hope for. When Yik Yak was in its prime I actively avoided going to the McClay library, users were savage and didn’t hold back when posting!

Bebo & Myspace

At its height Bebo had 40 million active monthly users, it was the most popular social networking site from 2005- 2009 amongst young teenagers. The declared bankruptcy in 2013, although the site wasn’t used much before this. It had to declare bankruptcy as the owners failed to make any money from it.

This seems to be a common theme amongst failed social media platforms.

With regards to Myspace, bad management, and the launch of Facebook lead to its demise. Myspace technically does exist; it still has a website but there is no data suggesting there are any active users. It can be seen as the founding father of social networking sites, it reigned supreme as the most popular social networking site from 2005- 2008, with over 1000 million active monthly users.


Vine is another honourable mention of a social media platform that had its five minutes in the spotlight. In its prime it had 200 million active monthly users. It is quite like what we have in TikTok today, with many old Vine clips circulating on TikTok. Vine was shut down because it failed to support its content creators, unlike TikTok who have a creator fund for popular TikTokers. There were numerous other factors, such as lack on monetisation and advertising options.

Rise of Facebook

Although created in 2004, Facebook didn’t really become popular until 2008, when it surpassed Myspace as the most-visited social media site. It is still the most used social networking site today.

Even with the rise of Instagram and TikTok, it remains the most popular social media platform, with a staggering 2.6 billion monthly users. Facebook is a social media giant, and despite controversy surrounding its founder Mark Zuckerberg in 2018, remains on top. It sure helps that they own Instagram because they are really just competing with themselves.

Over the years, there has no doubt been a fair share of popular social media platforms, some of which haven’t stood the test of time. But social networking giant Facebook has managed to see it through. Any new emerging social media sites should take a page from Mark Zuckerberg’s playbook, because whatever he is doing, is working.

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