A Guide on How To Reduce Your Screen Time

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A Guide on How To Reduce Your Screen Time

In an ever-increasing digital world, it can be difficult to find some away from a screen. Its particularly hard if you work 9-5 Monday to Friday behind a screen, have long commutes where you need to pass the time, or have a crippling TikTok addiction. But in this digital age, it is important to take a step back and try reducing your screen time where you can.

Set Yourself Limits

A good way to set limits is to track and monitor how long you’re spending on your phone. Like everyone else, over the first lockdown I was spending nearly 8-10 hours a day on my phone, which is terrible! So, a good way to monitor and set limits is using the setting app on your smart phone. This allows you to see the amount of time you are on each app daily and you can then set limits of how long you can use the app. Once your times up, it will close the app. Now, you can always go into the settings app to request more time, so you need to have the will power to stay out!

Staying Active

The busier you are, they less time you are going to have to spend on your phone! Try fill your evenings with wholesome activities, whether that be going for a walk/run, meeting up with friends for a coffee or finally starting that new book that you bought months ago. You will feel a lot better mentally and physically if you make the most of your free time, instead of aimlessly scrolling through your phone for a few hours. Especially if you work an office job or one that requires a lot of work behind a screen, you won’t feel like you’ve gotten a break if you spend the whole evening on your phone too.

Establish Device Free Zones

It is too easy to walk about your home like a zombie on your phone, scrolling through social media, online shopping or reading articles. So, establish whereabouts in your house the device free zones will be. A few good ideas are the kitchen table, so everyone can have a conversation over dinner, the bathroom (I think we can all admit we’re guilty of doing this) and the bedroom. Not using your phone before bed is a particularly important one, the blue light that comes from our phone screen can affect the quality of our sleep. I don’t know the science behind it, but some articles recommend not using your phone for 30 minutes to an hour before getting some shut eye.

Try Reduce Notifications

Try make your phone less appealing so you won’t want to pick it up every 10 minutes. A good way of doing this is changing your phone to greyscale. If it isn’t visually stimulating with lots of colours, you won’t want to look at your phone. And a drastic way of reducing notifications is deleting your most used apps until you need to get a certain task done. That way if you do pick up your phone there is nothing to scroll through! There is a less dramatic option too, you can turn off push notifications for your less used apps, if you’re phone isn’t pinging with a notification you will not be tempted to check it. Another good tip is turning off any notifications for group chats, especially during work if the GC is going off every two seconds it can be very distracting and will only tempt you to check you phone! That way, you can spend your lunch hour getting caught up.


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