5 things to Keep in Mind When Rebranding Your Business

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5 things to Keep in Mind When Rebranding Your Business

Rebranding your business can bring a new lease of life to your website, social media channels and attract new customers and followers, it can be very beneficial. It is more than just changing your brands logo, its about creating a whole new brand image. However, this doesn’t mean changing what you do as a business or changing your business ethos. That all stays the same, you are just changing how you convey the message.

Have you made the move to digital? Updated services you offer? Just feel like its time for a change? The factors we will discuss should help guide you through your business rebranding.

First determine what kind of rebrand your business needs.

  • Full rebrand
  • Visual rebrand
  • Brand refresh


Full rebrand- Nike is the most popular example of this. Nike is synonymous with their swoosh, but before the swoosh was introduced in 1971 Nike was known as Blue Ribbon Sports Inc. A full rebrand consists of changing the entire identity of your brand, from the name to the logo to what you want your brand message to say.

Visual Rebrand- A visual rebrand consists of changing your business logo, website, colour palette and visual identity. If you are just looking to give your brand a new lease of life a visual rebrand is the way to go. A good example of this is FedEx, they shortened their name for the logo and changed the colour palette.

Brand refresh- a brand refresh consists of keeping your businesses core aspects the same but slightly changing the branding or logo. It’s a simple way of keeping your brand fresh, without changing it too much. Burger kind is a good example of this, they recently changed their logo, which is very similar to their logo back in the 90’s.

Establish your target audience

Maybe you decided to rebrand because you have changed your business completely and need to establish a brand-new audience. You could have the same business and just opted for a brand refresh or a visual rebrand, so your target audience will stay the same. Or you could have the same brand, but have added products or services to your business, so you need to reach out to a different demographic. For example, you could own a dog sitting service and are now reaching out to cat owners – same business idea, two completely demographics.

Your audience might also depend on what social media channels you use. If you decide to use TikTok, the content you are posting there will not be the same as the content you will be posting on LinkedIn.

Engage with your audience

Once you have launched your rebrand, now is an especially important time to engage with your customers and followers. Reply to comments, DMs, and emails to make your followers feel valued and involved in the rebrand. It is a good way to gauge how they are receiving it and to measure if it has been a success. Even though you have launched the rebrand, it is still a crucial time to keep them up to date. A good way of doing this is posting answers to FAQ’s and client testimonials.

Establish who you are

What is your brand image? What do you want your message to convey? A rebrand can be much more that simply changing your logo. It can be about deepening your business ethos and message.

Give an insight into products and services you offer. If you have decided to start your social media accounts from scratch again, now is a good time to establish who you are as a brand, what you do and what you have to offer. Have you updated your slogan? Values? Make sure to let your followers and customers know.

Announce your rebranding

Let your followers and customers know about the rebranding! They might think that you’ve gone out of business if one day they see you have wiped all your socials. Keep them in the loop. Announce that you are currently rebranding, you don’t have to set a specific date for when the new website will launch or when a new product comes onto the market. Some things can never run as smoothly as we’d like or plan, so it’s a good way of keeping your followers and customers on their toes if you just leave it as ‘coming soon’. It’s a good way of driving traffic to your social channels if you have instructed them to keep an eye for any updates for social media relaunch, or website launch.

Another good practice when announcing a rebranding or a relaunching, is to have a sale, promotional offers or run a competition. This is a great way to build brand awareness, boost engagement and attract new customers, which is a great thing to do, especially when rebranding.


To Conclude

When rebranding your business, you need to be doing it for the right reasons, because as the saying goes ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’. Rebranding a business can be a cost-worthy exercise and for it to be worthwhile it needs to be a success.

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