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How email marketing can benefit your business

Email marketing can be a very useful tool for reaching out and communicating with your target audience. Mailchimp defines it as, ‘a powerful marketing channel, a form of direct marketing as well as digital marketing, that uses email to promote your business’s products and services.’

It is a great means for keeping customers informed of any updates within your business, if there are any promotional offers running or if you want them to check out a latest blog post etc.

The Benefits

It is a great way to target your customers and target a large audience all at once. You are guaranteed that the message you’re putting out there will reach who you want it to reach. Unlike posting on social media, it runs the risk of not getting the reach or engagement from the desired group you want to post out to.

You are sending relevant content to people who have expressed interest in your business. They have bought into the company enough to give you their personal details. Email marketing is a convenient way of being able to reach your target audience at any time, and they can read or engage with the email at their own leisure.

It is a great way of generating traffic to your website or social media channels. It is always beneficial to have a Call to Action (CTA) on all emails as it increases engagement and web traffic numbers.

It is very easily monitored. There is various email marketing software you can use, it can give you an insight into the click rate, whether that be opening the emails or people responding to the CTA. It can also give insight into emails that aren’t being opened, so it’s a good way of knowing what type of content your subscribers like to see.

To Conclude

When it comes to email marketing, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. If done correctly it can be a huge success and really benefit your business. It’s a great way to build brand awareness by creating engaging and relevant content that your customers will look forward to receiving.

It’s important to investigate your data and see what your customers are engaging with and enjoying. This way you are not wasting any time in creating content that your customers are not going to engage with.



The Downsides

As with anything nowadays, there is always going to be a disadvantageous side of things. When thinking about using a new marketing platform to reach your customers, it is important to explore the advantages and disadvantages before you jump in at the deep end.

When I think of my personal email inbox, there are literally thousands of unopened emails that I have no intention of ever getting around to. So, you run the risk of your audiences’ emails being in a similar situation.

They could be receiving so many commercial emails already that yours might get marked as spam or it might just get lost within their inboxes.

A good tip though is to watch your copy! Avoid using words or phrases, such as ‘opt in’, ‘click below’ etc to stay clear of the spam folder.

You also run the risk of customers unsubscribing altogether too if you bombard them with emails. You want to send just enough to keep them interested, but not too much that you are going to oversaturate their inbox.

Another good tip to avoid this is to have a double ‘opt in’ system. Where you ask customers to confirm if they want to opt in. That way, you know for certain everyone you are sending emails to, are interested in what you’re sending.

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