5 Ways to Boost Your Engagement

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5 Ways to Boost Your Engagement

Social media plays a huge role in marketing strategies, it is a great tool for increasing brand awareness, generating leads, and increasing sales. None of this can be achieved without a good engagement rate. Now more than ever people enjoy seeing brands that have a lot of personality and take the time to interact with their followers.

Follow these steps if you want to boost your business’s engagement.




Have a Personality

If your social media posts are all promotional and inviting followers to purchase your products or services, then they’re going to lose interest. You need to put some personality into your brand. So, instead of constantly trying to sell something to your followers, entertain them. That way when it comes to posting promotional content it will seem a lot more genuine.


User Generated Content

Although it is important to create your own eye-catching content, using user generated content (UGC) is an excellent way to boost engagement. It can easily be done by creating a hashtag that people can use in their own posts and your business can reshare these images to its own social media channels. A great example of a company implementing this is Costa. They create a hashtag for different promotional drinks and post user generated content to their social channels. This is a good opportunity to create a sense of community within your brand.

Schedule Posts

Your followers aren’t going to be online 24/7, therefore, it is important to monitor analytics to see when your followers are most active and what type of content they interact with most. If they are more active in the evenings, schedule posts to go out then so they will be more likely to see it.  If you happen to post something while most of your followers are inactive, you could potentially lose out on engagement opportunities. The type of content you post too is very important, make sure you are posting the type of content they want to see.




Create Video Content

According to Biteable, 60% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, therefore, it is no doubt that creating video content will boost engagement.  If you regularly post images, videos bring a refreshing change to your usual content. You only have a few seconds to catch someone’s attention while they scroll through social media, video is a great way to do this. People are more likely to share or remember a video than they are a static image or plain text.


Host a Competition or Giveaway

This is another excellent tactic to boost engagement as people have a chance to receive something from the interaction. It might entice them more to engage with a competition or giveaway rather than a normal post. By hosting a giveaway contest, you’ll increase social media engagement among your existing followers. The conditions of the giveaway might require users to like, share and comment on the post or follow the business page to be entered into the giveaway.

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