Top Social Media Ideas for your Business in 2021

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Top Social Media Ideas for your Business in 2021

Social Media is a great sales tool for getting your business noticed. With the country starting to open up again, everyone is going to be fighting for attention, but how can you stand out above the crowd? What is going to get you noticed?

In 2020 and 2021, there is a huge rise of success in social media marketing. People are scrolling through their phones more. With our top ideas, you can start to pick up some momentum on your social media!

As the old saying goes, content is king!

The most sure-fire way of getting people interested in your social media is good content. It’s all well and good being active on your social media channels, but is what you’re posting engaging your audience? For good content, you need to look at your social media from your customer’s eyes – what would they want to see from you? What will make them engage with your posts?

With social media marketing, people are becoming more personal – loving behind the scene content, getting to know the business and the people who run it. Once people know more and are bought into your business, the more likely they are to remember you and use your services in the future.


Engaging Visuals

It is so important to create eye-catching visual content for social media! People are quick to judge a book by its cover – we are more likely to engage with content if it is visually pleasing. Strong visual content on social media has a higher rate of interaction. It gives people a reason to follow, like, comment, and go on to buy from you.

– LinkedIn posts that have images have a 98% higher comment rate
– Tweets that include visual content are 3 times more likely to be interacted
– Facebook posts with photos get more likes and comments

We are also 65% more likely to remember a social media post if it includes an image or visual graphics. If you aren’t creatively minded or lack the skills to pull these together for your business, keep an eye out for our upcoming blogs where we show you easy ways and tips to create visuals for yourself.


Where and how often should you be posting?

The answer to this is easy – As often as you are able to post quality content. Consistency and quality are key to social media success. It’s all well and good posting everyday, but if your content is too samey or not engaging enough then there’s really no point – people won’t interact with it.

We would recommend posting on social media feeds twice a week, being active on stories and comments every other day. This keeps you relevant and constantly fresh in people’s minds.


This quick guide only touches the surface of what there is to know about good social media marketing. In our future blogs we will be digging a little deeper into these ideas and top tips. Sign up to our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

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