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Content is king

‘Content is king’ – a commonly known phrase in the world of marketing.

In this day and age, businesses with the best online content tend to succeed in building a better online audience. With having other companies to compete with, it’s important to have a good online presence.  You are more likely to succeed online today with interesting, engaging, and valuable content.

Ideas for Creating Engaging Content

Using relevant images on your social media allows you to grab people’s attention, build loyalty, provide vital information to viewers, stay relevant and improve your engagement online. We have a whole blog dedicated to helping you do this, read here.

Personal – Behind the Scenes
People love getting to know the story and people behind a brand. This includes the who, what and why.

Some ideas to get people involved with your brand is opening up ‘Behind the Scenes’.

– Meet the Team – featuring the people involved with the business, a bit about them, what they do and their passions
– The Creation – if you sell a product, you could show how they product is made or tailored, giving people and insight into what you do on a day to day basis
– The story behind the brand – what made you start your company? If you’re passionate about what you do, people will want to work with you as a brand.
– Your expertise – let people know your history. This lets them know you have experience in your field and are a reliable source



Hearing from other customers is always great content! Whether it’s a couple of lines about how it was working with you or a video review from the client, having that reassurance that you have other happy customers is always great. You can do this by asking clients outright for a testimonial, or you may be able to grab reviews from online platforms such as Google, Facebook etc.


Tone of Voice
When it comes to putting out content, you can do this in 2 ways, personally and professionally. Both are good approaches, it all depend on the kind of brand you are. Do you have a professional, more business-like approach to your work? Then a more professional tone of voice would be best.

– Consider how you want to talk about yourself – ‘Company Name’, ‘We’, ‘Our business’
– Be informative
– Be straight to the point
– Have a more clean, corporate feel with imagery

Do you have a more personal, light-hearted approach to your work? Then a more personal approach is better.

– Using terms like ‘We’ and ‘I’
– Talk about your day to day
– Post photos that show emotion and fun
– Come across as approachable

Content is a huge part of having an online presence, and hopefully these tips can help you grow your audience. In our future blogs we will be digging a little deeper into these ideas and top tips. Sign up to our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss a thing!


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